Storm in the Mountains

“Storm in the Mountains” is a play by Thomas Bernhard Gassner and Bernhard Wolf.

The premiere was at the Geierwally Freilichtbühne, Elbigenalp / Tyrol.

1962 in a valley somewhere in Tirol there is uproar. Two villages, separated only by a river, should be merged at the behest of the government and the Church for economic reasons. For the villages, this is unthinkable. Who wants to give up his fire department? The atmosphere between the two villages is deteriorating rapidly. The review conference of the state government is unceremoniously kicked out of the valley and finally there is also a mysterious death to complain. All signs point to storm. The police is calles. Auxiliary inspector Kajetan Sturm gets to his displeasure, the order to clear up the death to finally ensure peace. Not an easy task, as he gets to feel pretty soon. On his journey to the mountains of North Tyrol, the audience accompanies the quirky commissioner namely in its own past, which has some surprises.

Photos: Luis Graninger, Ralf Wapler
Video: Ralf Wapler
Music: Christof Kammerlander