400 years Passion plays Erl

400 Jahre Passionsspiele Erl, Lichtdesign Ralf Wapler, backstage creative lightdesign GmbH, Markus Plattner, Passionsspielverein Erl,

400 Jahre Passionsspiele Erl, Jubiläumspassion

400 years Passion plays Erl

About 60,000 spectators (98.86% occupancy) saw Felix Mitterer’s anniversary passion in Erl. For 400 years the Passion Play are held there, making them the oldest Passion Play in German-speaking countries. However, the anniversary Passion (with more than 600 players) was one of the most significant productions ever in Germany. This probably also thought UNESCO, as they declared the Passion Play for World Heritage of immaterial value. backstage supervised the production already 2 years ago the premiere. Together with Markus Plattner (director) and Annelie Büchner (stage) a common creative concept was developed from the outset . Then we took over the planning of lighting, projections and lasers, as well as the creative implementation.
In nearly 300 press appearances production was described invariably as outstanding.

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Photos: Christian Mey, Peter Kitzbichler, Rudi Gigler, Ralf Wapler
Video Trailer: Sandhill Pictures courtesy of the passion play Erl club
Video “Goas on da Roas” courtesy of the holiday region Kufstein
Video “Erl – 400 years Passion” courtesy of Rai Italy – Landesstudio Bolzano