Play by Thomas Bernhard Gassner and Bernhard Wolff

The stunning natural scenery of Geierwally Freilichtbühne is again this time more spectacular venue for the annual theater production. Ralf Wapler supervised the stage for almost 10 years in all technical fields and is as every year also responsible for the creative realization.

It is the year 1972. In Tirol tourism reached its previous peak. More and more guests delight in the Tyrolean mountains and more and more people get into mountain emergencies. At this time the rescue helicopter is not an option and the rescuers have to salvage largely carry on foot.

Why do men hazard ther lives voluntary and unpaid for strangers ? What happens when friends or even family members distress in the mountains? How are the women and children doing who are waiting for the return of their loved ones? “Bergfuir” tells a story of the Mountain Rescue Service of Außerkrottenberg, a small town in the Tyrolean mountains. Like every year at night at “Heart of Jesus” mountain fire is ignited, but this time a heavy thunderstorm breaks in over the Krottenberg and a group of youngsters from the village unit is in greatest danger. “Bergfuir” is a play about heroism, frivolity and above all the love for the mountains. What makes the “Bergfuir” flare up in one, so that it never goes out?