Director: Markus Plattner
Stage: Christian Greiderer
Costumes: Eva Praxmarer

Folk play by Peter Turrini after Carlo Goldoni.

The theater club Rum brought in June 2010 “Campiello” during his 20-year anniversary as a great and elaborate open-air theater production at Rumer Rathausplatz on stage.

The Campiello is a small run-down place somewhere in Venice, surrounded by houses where poor devils live. Their fates are closely interwoven, their joys and sorrows are the same. The Campiello offers the playing area for entertainment and squabbling, jealousy and love affairs, betrayal and lust.

Suddenly a foreign wealthy aristocrat bursts into this “idylli” and breaks through the petty-bourgeois bustle. He courts both mothers and daughters, distributes generous engagement rings and has great fun to mess up this little world properly.

Carlo Goldoni (1703-1793), considered as the founder of modern comedy in the Italian literature, wrote this comedy in 1756, the Austrian playwright Peter Turrini has worked it over 1982 for the Vienna Volkstheater.