Der Totentanz

Der Totentanz by Alois Johannes Lippl, Pfarrkirche Erl

This game in medieval costumes and dramatic solemn atmosphere gives an impressive insight into the former way of thinking and feeling patterns. But we moderns can find ourselves in the characters respond to death quite.

God calls Tod (death) and Tödin (female death) to him and gives them the mandate to bring people off the street. Male, female, young, old, poor, rich contact Tod and Tödin in a dialogue.

Led by a personified Death, all are dancing against the judgment of God.

In eleven stations the plot is told in the end of the game, all the death leads to the court of God – “everybody has to die once, nothing more certain than death”.

The piece shows the equality of all men before death, who knows neither of rank nor age differences. Too often unexpected and adamant he pleads with the individual and get him to speak “to dance.”

The ubiquity of death is established in an impressive way to mind. The view is still focused on life. In the moment of death, acting people remember and evaluate their lives new.

A play that invites to think, meditate and discuss a timeless theme.

Director: Markus Plattner
Music: Wolfram Wagner
Costumes: Lenka Radecky