Kaspar and the Poachers

Kaspar and the poachers, Musical

Toni Knittel wrote since 1993 the incidental music for virtually every play on the Geierwally stage. Thats because sometimes the idea was born to make music in a piece on the Geierwally stage playing the lead role, lay there for a long time near! The generic “musical” does not correspond to KASPAR & THE POACHER in the traditional sense. May we shall say „musical comedyl”? No Matter what BLUATSCHINK and the ensemble of Geierwally stage are intenting to conjure in the rock scenery of the Bernhardstalschlucht, is beyond all drawers and labels!

CHEERFULL – CRITICAL – SCHMALTZY – so have Peter Kaufmann and Toni Knittel circumscribed the music of their Bluatschink project once. Also this KASPAR musical comedy lives from the variety and should probably best be described as “tragicomedy”. Who has just been laughing uproariously, the laughter will soon stuck in the throat. Who just see the eyes closed in order to melt away to the sounds of a love song that has perhaps shortly thereafter already tears in them – with laughter, of course!

Photos: Ralf Wapler