Lechtaler Turmwächterinnen

On 06.28.1914, the war is declared on the radio. Men and boys are send to the front – the boys draw with fanatical enthusiasm for God, Emperor and Fatherland the battlefield to accomplish “feats”. What remains are women, children and a few men freed from military service. As for the men in this cruel world war the church bell to be picked to serve as a metal for the machinery of destruction, this want the women in the village to prevent under all circumstances and contact your plan to save the bell, even their lives. Under the leadership of courageous Anna loud and to be hidden, and although this seems to be an impossible task at the beginning, it is possible for women to join forces to implement their plan into action. It begins a time of doubt, fear and intrigue – Anna and the other women from the village are set to hard samples. However, neither the intrigues of the city director nor the cruel methods of inhuman commissioner who was sent specially to find the bell, the silence of the women can break. Everyone hold adamantly to their vows. After four long years, 1918 war is finally over, the tower guards did it and the great bell receives the returnees with proud bells.

Book: Claudia Lang
Regie: Barbara Herold