Ritter Rüdiger Musical Part 1

After an occupancy rate of 100% and euphoric reactions especially the adult audience can be in the production of which was put on the boards of Ehrenberg Arena, speak with a clear conscience of a mega success.

Which child is not fascinated by the world of knights, castles, princesses and dragons? And this enthusiasm can be used to bring closer the history that is really behind it to the small ones. There is the Burg Ehrenberg with a museum, with the ruins and the entire fortress grounds. This in turn is covered by a beautiful forest with many winding paths and so many still is not free-laid secrets. It is necessary here to discover a whole universe – and a kind of guide would certainly be beneficial. This guide should have something to do with the Middle Ages, to be a funny friend for children and, furthermore, have its own mysterious story.

Author: Toni Knittel
Music: Bluatschink
Directed by Hubert Spieß
Stage: Anna Siegroth
Light: Ralf Wapler