Stigma by Felix Mitterer

PRESS „Kronenzeitung” (August 8, 2010)


It is an idyllic place, the arena of the Schwaz silver forest. However not idyllic at all, what was shown there Friday night: “Stigma” by Felix Mitterer, directed by Markus Plattner. An evening, which went under the skin. Two-fisted, frontal theater full of passion. A unique emotional trip to hell! … .Markus PLATTNER tells the hopeless story of Moid who has, of all sadness, adopted mundane life and got married to Jesus, unsparing and yet very subtle. His brutality and radical nature is full of poetry. The story allows no breather to the audience and comes to the point. His “stigma” gets under your skin. He makes theatre full of experienc. An experience full of emotions. “Stigma” is the plea for the social outcasts. This is theater that hits. In the middle of the hearts of the audience. Breathtaking and unique! Also unique Anja PÖLZL as Moid. Her authenticity is poignant. You feel with her. You suffer with her. She copes the scene with the exorcism with the highest credibility. Their cries, their pain, the audience can feel it. Scary and frightening. It gasp. With Manfred BRÖTZ, Michel HEIL, René PERMOSER, Johannn F. HEISS, Rolf PARTON, Herwig WARASIN, Traudi LAMPRECHTR, Margit PEER, Günther ETTEL and Martin SAURWEIN all other roles are optimally staffed. Christian GREIDERER reduces the stage on two crosses and so sharpens the view of the action. Ralf WAPLER conjures up unique lighting effects and Mike MOLL creates music with an extra dimension. Silvia FRITZ shows great sensitivity in the costumes. Here a highly ambitious team has shown the red card to highly subsidized theaters: Here theater is made with heart’s blood and a lot of passion. This can be felt as a spectator. Every Minute. And it only happens very rarely. Hardly ever! In Schwaz you have experienced it. You have suffered it.

PRESS “Tiroler Tageszeitung” (August 9, 2010)


With a furious “Stigma” – staging the Schwaz Silver Forest scores as a venue. … .. The premiere of “stigma” was honored on Friday night with many bravos. … .. .Markus PLATTNER and his great acting actorc (!) are leant far beyond … The first image among the crosses (strong, the stage of Christian Greiderer) indicates everything. The maid, the „Moid” (very insistently Anja PÖLZL) in the white dress cannot say grace. The self-righteous peasant (Johanne F. HEISS) is the ruler. … The officious and outsiders are represented manifold by Michael HEIL, Margit PEER, Günther ETTEL, Rolf PARTON, Herwig WARASIN, Traudi LAMPRECHT and also by the director himself. Moid don’t want to yield to the snares of the foreman (Manfred BRÖTZ) and the farmer’s son (René PERMOSER). She takes refuge in religion, receiving the stigmata of Christ, heals the poor and protested against social injustice (these scenes taunt). ……. The play gathers with the selection of historicizing costumes (Silvia FRITZ). Even distance is necessary. Similarly you can perform the piece today: streamlined Eipsodenhaft, passionate, a bit crazy … supported with all the tricks of music and lighting director (Mike MOLL, Ralf WAPLER).

My compliments to the team.

Kurt Schartner, Ralf Wapler