The confession, Drama by Felix Mitterer

The theater at Schloss Mitterhart, Vomp / Tyrol showed Felix Mitterer’s „The confession”.

Backstage was involved from the beginning in the production and took over both the design and the technical implementation.
Premiere of the play was at the Tyrolean Folk spectacles Telfs on 24 July 2004. The same radio drama produced in the studio of the ORF Tirol was chosen by the audience for “Radio Play of the Year.” In addition, it also received the “Prix Italia” for the best radio play among the submissions from around the world.

The impetus was a 1999 Irish television broadcast documentary series about youth victims of abuse in church-run orphanages, education and student homes in Ireland and not the scandalous conditions in the Seminary of St. Pölten, that were known only in November 2003, and the sad evidence provided, that the issue unfortunately is also up to date in Austria. The play deals with the settlement of a man with himself and a priest who once sexually abused him. Because he has become himself a perpetrator against his own child. Mitterer do not broache here the issue homosexuality that only gets right back into the field of marginalization, but tenderness and affection as a basis for development of a healthy personality. It shows the church with their misanthropic and untimely celibacy rules that forces grown men and children in bitter solitude and segregate women as acting persons.


Markus Plattner staged for ten years my pieces and all his performances are to me (and the audience) always remembered. There’s nothing half-hearted and arbitrary, as there is no hangover and no boredom, everything gets me down, sometimes to the limits of tolerability. Markus Plattner staged entirely from the gut, from the depth of his emotions, which reflect the emotions of the characters. With all the extremes, with all the merciless psychological warfare that takes place here, we note that Markus Plattner formally in his protagonists creeps into it, that he identifies himself with them and he also understands and loves them. For me he is one of the best directors that we have in Austria.


A disturbing evening at the theater experienced viewers on Thursday in Vomp. „The Confession” by Felix Mitterer was shown.

VOMP (PLA). In the center of the “confession” is the assumption, that suffered injustice is passed on by the victim. The play deals with the settlement of a man with himself and a priest who sexually abused him. The victim has become the culprit against his own child.

Director Markus Plattner brings the complex psychological drama in Theaterstadl of Schloss Mitterhart very direct, almost brutal, to the stage. He recesses the naturalistic confessional situation, the happening is focused on the offering table. The soft tones nearly cease to exist in spite of an impressive stage design (Christian Greiderer), the moody light design (Ralf Wapler) and the excellent sound design (Mike Minor).

This is mainly due to Ernst Schnöller who finds only the expression of crying as abused offender for his despair and inner conflict. Excellent contrast Reinhard Forcher in the role of Father Eberhart. He oscillates between the flatterer and the self-flagellating sinner. Juliane Haring shows the child in all its vulnerability. The audience was involved and enthusiastic.